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New Logo Announcement: Introducing XINHAI new brand identity


Due to the needs of the company's global development, in order to enhance the personalized identification, communication power brand and further enhance the overall brand image of XINHAI, we are proud to announce the launch of the new XINHAI LOGO.

Since September 26, 2019, XINHAI launched the following new LOGO identity, and the company's original LOGO will be phasing out.

Original logoNew logo

The company's new logo is consist of elements, including English name abbreviation, Chinese name abbreviation and main products.

The LOGO graphics are dominated by azure, which means rationality, inclusion and broadness like ocean.

The outline of doors and windows symbolize the company's professionalism, dedication and concentration, as well as the determination to deepen the research and development and production of door and window accessories. Together with our partners, to create a comfortable and warm home environment for thousands of families.

The new LOGO is sharp and reflects the pace of globalization of XINHAI.

In the upcoming months, we will update all our marketing literature and online presence etc. with the new logo.

Thank you!

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